• Shaun Blakemore Stevenson

WHO and Games

This is an article about the World Health Organization's "Gaming Disorder."


It talks about a lot of the reasoning behind it and why it may actually be bit of a good thing.

I disagree with it though, I don't think there is a gaming disorder. Just a gaming addiction. An addiction so pervasive it can cause a man in Taiwan (and many other cases) to accidentally end his own life: "On 8 January, three days into a gaming binge, the man, identified as Hsieh, was found unconscious by a café employee.

Hsieh would be pronounced dead on arrival at a nearby hospital a short time later. Hsieh ate, drank and slept little during his time at the café. The cause of death was determined to be cardiac arrest brought on by exhaustion."

It's important to note that these cases are a vast minority of gamers, very rare occurrences. The thing about them is that they happen so rarely that they may be classified as a special kind of addiction, but not a disorder. Perhaps it could be seen as a disorder by some, since it has such detriments to the daily functions of life. I see it as a need, an addiction so strong that it takes over everything else in their lives. Nothing else matters, but gaming. It's very odd, and seems to be a psychological issue, yes.

Anywho, enough rambling on. Check the whole article, it talks about way more including what constitutes addictive behavior, and how the decision is an unpopular one in many places around the world.