• Shaun Blakemore Stevenson

What's Good Y'all

This week isn't looking good for working on the game.

A lot of homework and projects to do, ready for graduation in December. Alos recently been heartbroken a bit soooo... that's not fun either ha ha.

The music is coming along slowly still, 7/13 songs are basically finalized. They just aren't mixed and mastered yet. Looks like concept art is the focus right now since I have so much writing and some of the songs to play for Teen while she does concept art(so she can feel the vibe of the region).

The game is still a narrative-based choose-your-own-adventure RPG, but now in an inkbrush comic style of art. The music is at times intense, at times calm and relaxed, at times hectic and chaotic, and at times touching and sensual. The game will be an experience like no other made before.

It will be like a movie, that you play, and control, and try to make the good ending (or bad ending ha ha) happen.

Sally forth adventurers,

I'll keep on truckin'



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