• Shaun Blakemore Stevenson

Uville Carpet Texture in UE4.18

This process was very long for me since the picture I got before leaving campus was taken from above with lighting coming from the side to try and avoid the perspective issue. In hindsight, it would have been better to fix the perspective than the lighting discrepancy. I had to do a looot of brightness adjustments with only certain areas selected to try and get it to look decently uniform. I also was dumb and opened the 4.2 in stead of 4.18 first, so the buttons looked different than I was used to and different than on your video examples. I got it all figured out eventually: even made a duplicate material set to the original 1x1 scale so the box brush wouldn't look so weird after I fixed it for the floor.

I'm pretty familiar with Photoshop, so that went smoothly enough. I had a cool learning experience in UE though, and I really enjoyed messing around in the engine and making my texture look semi/mostly-right.

Also, since my good laptop that runs UE and Photoshop still doesn't let me sign into Blackboard(thanks AMD), it was a lot of trouble to have to send files between myself for the entire process. Even so, I'm used to it by now. What I'm not used to... is my old Lenovo Y70 that CAN use Blackboard not letting me attach more than one file to blog posts, so I guess I'll attach the rest as replies to myself, as shoddy as that is.

UPDATE: Figured it'd be better to just do these blog posts in my actual blog from comm law over the summer, so that I can attach all of the files and so that it seems more professional.


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