• Shaun Blakemore Stevenson

Roles on The Team


I found job postings looking for world builders.

This sounds interesting to me because I would like to be involved in the creation of immersive worlds and developing experiences for players.

The qualifications seemed tame, being able to collaborate and work on a team. Working with the environment design team and such. Only required high school education.

The qualifications I wouldn't already have are being able to take ideas and put them into a 3D program to help design the world more visually.

I would want to focus more on the feel of the world and how that impacts the aesthetics rather than how the aesthetics impact the feel of the world. It all stems from the emotions you want to portray in the game and what kind of experience you want your player to have in the end. The most important thing is what the player takes away from the experience: gamers only usually remember a few key things from games unless they're games that they absolutely love and play for countless hours.

I think that I would prefer doing this in a more narrative-based outlet. Perhaps as a narrative designer or writer.