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Prophecy System

I figured now would be a good time to add some depth to your understanding of the Prophecy system since I mentioned it in the GoFundMe a bit back.

This is an important mechanic in Nature of the Soul, as all your decisions garner either Fate or Doom, and your respective point on the spectrum between the two determines important story factors throughout the game.

For instance, if you don't save a traveler's life early on, perhaps they aren't there to offer you their expertise and knowledge at a critical moment later on.

The Prophecy system holds many different aspects: Insight, Revelation, Epiphany, Prophecy of Doom, and, of course, Prophecies themselves.

The different aspects won't be explained, you'll have to figure it out in-game for yourself.

That all being said, the main purpose of this prophecy system is to aid players in avoiding deadly decisions and find the true ending, of which there is only one.

The other endings are all skewed potentialities that result from a magic curse being placed on you, by whom, you don't yet know. But it's forcing you to relive events, even upon death. You figure, finding the correct timeline will set things straight again.

Good Luck!

Twine prototype coming very soon,

with full deaf and blind accessibility,

3 languages,

and a almost-completed soundtrack.

Art may be less forthcoming, or will be rough drafts done by myself or one of the other artists on the project. (GoFundUs we need artists! Haha)


S. B. Stevenson


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