• Shaun Blakemore Stevenson

Legal Games

Came across an interesting little article about how attorneys are using video games in their practices. They use them as training for employees, as an assessment for their potential employees, etc.


The applications are pretty cool. One game tries to teach compliance to the employees.

Another helped asses potential employees based on 13 different traits. I liked the look and sound of that game the most.

It's called "Cosmic Cadet." The point seems to be that there is no point. They want to see how the players handle under pressure, asses their "interpersonal style," and their "social confidence." The goal was to allow the player to roam space as they saw fit. They had the option to go around and collect stars, visit different planets, interact with different things, etc. This is a cool concept, as a game like this could be used by any employer to asses the skills oft heir employees, not just in legal professions.

Check out the full article, the other games are cool too, especially the ones for helping legal students study and so forth.

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