• Shaun Blakemore Stevenson

"GodSquad Church"

I came across an interesting article about an online-only church for video gamers.


The man running it is a pastor, but with such cool equipment: monitors, cameras, i suspect a cool computer, and a Bible. He streams to his congregation, GodSquad Church, on Twitch, drawing reportedly around 100 people around the country.

It's an interesting concept that I never thought would happen, truly never even anticipated it.

His name is Rev. Matt Souza, and he's 27. His reason for forming God Squad seem to be pure: "registered as a nonprofit organization under the evangelical Assemblies of God denomination, in 2016 with a mission — to bring God to the gaming community, a population he said skews atheistic and tends to dislike religion."

Perhaps a little odd, but cool. This speaks to both freedom of speech and freedom or religion. It allows for gamers to express themselves and find a religion if they chose to. I wonder how they all heard about this church. Perhaps he spreads the word of it to the people he comes across while playing games, word of mouth. Who knows.