• Shaun Blakemore Stevenson

Games and their stigma

Games have abad rap in our society, even to this day, within certain groups. It is important to face these falsehoods with truth, so that is what I'm doing. In the recent years, games have been blamed for some TERRIBLE stuff. Things for which there is no strong, actual evidence and that are damaging to the reputations of the people who play games, by extension.

I don't want or need a bad reputation, but I love games, all kinds of games, and I want to make and play tons more than I already have.

In this article:


talks about some of the issues at hand.

Republicans have been doing some, to be frank, shady sh&$ since February. The article is from March, but talks of events in late February and early March. The gist is that Republicans are trying to censor violence in video games, blame them for school shootings, and enforce a tax for higher ESRB ratings. They are focusing more on game enforcement than gun enforcement. A direct quote says this almost verbatim. Focus on games, not guns. They've also been doing more, check out the article for the whole story.

Luckily, the Supreme Court and First amendment still hold true though despite the stupidity of some public officials, seemingly ignorant of the prior rulings. The first amendment protects games from censorship under free speech, nobody should be able to change that. People have the freedom to purchase or not purchase games, to either play them or not, and to hate them or love them.

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