• Shaun Blakemore Stevenson

Breakdown: Game Violence

I found an article that talks a lot about the issue of violence in games by breaking the arguments on both sides down. It's very in-depth, definitely check it out:


The article speaks early on about a shooting at a Santa Fe high school, afterwards officials started blaming violent video games for the incident and incidents like it. "There’s no evidence indicating how often the alleged shooter, a student at the school, played video games, if at all." The article points out that there is no evidence to speak of for this claim, yet it was made by multiple people.

They're just trying to defend the gun industry it seems. It's a shame how officials can be bought by constituents, donors, and lobbyists. I'm not saying guns are the issue either though, there's obviously some sort of pervasive psychological problem going on in our society. Perhaps it is a product of our very culture itself. A culture where you are so free and where you are so able to defend yourself. Perhaps people are taking their freedom to immoral extents and losing their ties to humanity, and acting on rage and violence with no fear of repercussions. Then again, many shooters never face repercussions other than their own suicides. It's sad and angering really, to see so many dead with no known reason in sight. So much pointless bloodshed, for what? Pint up emotions and hate?

Maybe we need to start pressing ourselves more, perhaps that's the issue. Americans are slow to share their thoughts and feelings, hopes and dreams with others.