• Shaun Blakemore Stevenson

Blog 9

Hypothetically, I'd make a mobile game targeted at bikers. It would be a VR/PC game where you go for a drive on a motorcycle, and try and pick up items on the road for points.

Strengths: There aren't many biker games unless you count things like Trials and motocross games, this would be more for bikers not motocross.

How to Exploit: Praise the games originality in advertisements, talk about how it's great fro people who like biking.

Weaknesses: Bikers are the type of people who enjoy being outside, they wouldn't normally want to play games/aren't typically gamers.

How to Neutralize: Talk about how the game is VR and you can go for drives in places you would never get to see in real life. Places all over the world with gorgeous sights and interesting art styles.

Opportunities: This game would be very nice for people who aren't actually bikers as well. People who would like to enjoy the feel of biking without the dangers and costs of riding an actual motorcycle.

How to Exploit: Ramp up the immersion you feel in VR, the ability to view astounding views, enjoy a ride through the country, and get rewards for collecting items.

Threats: Bikers aren't typically gamers, and would likely not even have VR. Not only that, VR is expensive, and they wouldn't be likely to buy VR just for this game when they could go outside and ride themselves.

How to Neutralize: Offer a VR package that comes with the game, making it cheaper o get VR, and possibly even bringing a new demographic into gaming, since they'd likely want to make the most of their investment and get other games for their new equipment.

Possibly even offer the game in a non-VR format if need be, to be accessible to play on their PC first and see if it'd be better in VR/worth getting VR for. Once they see the amazing places they can drive through, they may want to try it in VR even more.