• Shaun Blakemore Stevenson

Blog 5:

Our game is a moral choices game based on decision-making, focusing on three trials. The idea is that an alien has abducted you and is running ethical trials to figure out human psychology. We'll be focusing on one decision for this class, whether to try and save your baby when a bear attacks your tent while camping, or smother the baby because its cries are going to draw the bear to you and possibly get you both killed.

Unfortunately, I don't have Microsoft Project on either of my computers, but I can imagine that doing one piece of the project by yourself vs with two other people could have pros and cons. Like if you're doing a 3D model, matching art styles would be difficult, but splitting up the work would make it go faster. If you do it yourself, you have room to do things on your own and not get the project overcomplicated, but then it takes longer to complete, and wouldn't be as efficient.