• Shaun Blakemore Stevenson

Blog 3: Moral Choices Game Concept

Our game concept is an ethics game surrounding moral choices.

Mission Statement: to provide meaningful decisions to players that are difficult to choose between, but not impossible.

The basic gameplay elements would be offering two choices to the player and giving them a time limit to make a decision. The player is abducted by an alien performing experiments on humans to figure out how their minds work. They'll be introduced to the scenarios first so they know the stakes, and then have to make a semi-informed decision.

Must have: choices, alien face, base-assets

Want-to-have: voice acting, cool music, interesting art design

Nice-to-have: more than one level/choice, alternate endings

Making a paper prototype for this will include cutting out paper versions of our assets, seeing how things would work in a "frame" and seeing how they look visually before turning them into actual game assets. These would likely not be colored for the sake of prototyping and just to see the scale of things in general.