• Shaun Blakemore Stevenson

Blog 11

I was able to get the image to appear on the HUD, and the start button to open my blank new level. I couldn't figure out how to get it to start on a screen with nothing but the button, it kept wanting to start with the example map open and putting my button on top of that. I also couldn't get the trigger volumes to work to make the HUD appear only after "picking up" a key. Fooled around with it for hours and watched the videos, still can't figure it out.

(made up for this post, not based on my level)

1. Dev Team built HUD and Start widgets, created start level and main screen.

2. Management oversaw Dev Team in their efforts, made sure the start screen and HUD got finished, recorded hours worked on project for records and payroll.

3. Gathered statistics for target audience, tested reaction to game concepts, and began planning marketing strategies.

Test Plan:

Start Button:

requirements) button was present and clickable, correctly opened start level

pass/fail) pass

notes) start screen worked properly and opened the level


requirements) HUD appears when entering trigger volume, image appears correctly

pass/fail) fail

notes) image appears when entering volume, but looks warped, too stretched, needs resizing