I enjoy making stories, I have since I was in 1st grade and made a tiny bronze sculpture of a dragon trying to eat a village's carrots, but a brave ship captain is holding the monster back with his ship's huge anchor.

When I was 8 and would make my own Mario comics on construction paper, and my own stories in creative writing club in what must have been 5th grade.

A game for senior capstone at High Point University.

At first, it was a somewhat goofy block game from bird's eye view based on movement,

then, a more serious but still pun-fueled narrative.

Finally, a mix of both goofy sound design, a cheesy and fun narrative albeit still abnormal where it flips the typical damsel in distress scenario with the wife rescuing the husband from prism person jail(Prisom).


You play as Ricky tengul, a rectangular prism arrested and jailed for heading up a pyramid scheme.

In a face-flopping attempt to tumble and roll his way out of prison with no appendages, Ricky is aided by his hacker wife, Sophera, a sassy rectangular prism who essentially is directly responsible for his escape.